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cropped-bee-e1455036075293.pngWhile preparing for this beekeeping adventure I have come to the conclusion that beekeeping is a hobbyist’s Holy Grail. Beekeeping of course is a hobby all on its own, but it can lead to so much more. Some are obvious, like gardening, while others are a bit more obscure, like art.

As Katrina and I create Girls Bee Haven we want to not only include our new adventures in beekeeping, but we want to share the full 360 experience it provides.

We will be prepping our gardens throughout the year to cultivate a beautiful bee haven. We will be trying new plants to see if the bees like them and how it affects our honey (taste & production). We will harvest some plants and use them in recipes, for crafts and in our beekeeping practices. We will share all of these things along the way.

Once the honey production kicks in we will (hopefully) have an abundance of honey at our disposal. We will be trying out honey recipes like crazy. We will review and share them with you as we make them. Some will be delightful sweet treats while other recipes may be for other applications such as home beauty regimens and medicinal purposes.

Telling you about these wonderful things is one thing, but showing you will take it to another level. This is where our photography comes in. Photography has always been my hobby. I love my camera and composing beautiful pictures. Beekeeping, gardening and cooking all lend themselves to the opportunity for great photographs. I have mostly done portrait photography and I’m excited to dive into the world of macro photography. I’ll be researching a new macro lens to purchase and learning all I can about this beautiful art form. I’ll keep you up to date on the equipment I’m using for each shot as well as the camera settings and how I’ve done my post production.

Finally, our favorite things… There are so many gadgets and products that go into this experience that we want to share with you what our favorites are. From beekeeping equipment, to plant food, to books to bee friendly products and so much more.

We look forward to sharing this journey with you. We would also love to hear from you as well. Feel free to post a comment or share a tip or two.

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