As Katrina has already shared with you in the previous post, I was stung multiple times the other day when we ventured into the hive. I take full responsibility. I was a little over confident thinking I could just mosey on in there with a short sleeve t-shirt on. Well the bee defiantly put me in my place, multiple times.

I got a pretty common localized reaction to the stings. The symptoms included swelling (lot and lots of swelling), the area being hot to the touch and over the moon itchiness. The swelling and the heat have subsided substantially, but out of no where the itching will flare up throughout the day.

Enter my new best friend (sorry Katrina), Tecnu Calagel. This stuff has been a lifesaver! It really, really works!

calagelThe product claims:
Anti-itch Gel: Stays where you put it. The clear, hydrocortisone-free antihistamine gel dries quickly, leaving an invisible, anti-itch skin protectant shield on your tender skin.”

Boy does it deliver! It’s a gel so when I apply it to my skin it instantly cools the irritation. It’s not messy or gooey. In a matter of a couple of minutes the topical analgesic kicks in and I’m itch free for a good 3-4 hours. It’s amazing! This product will defiantly be in my medicine cabinet for years to come. It says it works for poison oak, poison ivy, insect bites and sunburns. This is most defiantly on my favorite things list!





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