Today is Day 1. Last week I fixed the issue of the bees building comb on the lid of the bee box. I wanted to give them a week to recover from that trauma before I began the process of moving them from their high perch on the metal arbor, to the stand right next to the old chicken coop. Just like last week I am a bit nervous about doing this. Not so much about getting stung, since I will be moving them late in the evening and they will all be in the box for the night. I worry more about upsetting them so much they move out. People have reassured me that they will be just fine, but I just wouldn’t be me if I didn’t stress about it. Since I only want to move them about 10 feet away to their final spot, I have to do it 2 feet at a time, every other day. A slow process, but it gives the bees time to adjust and relearn where their home is. My other option is to leave it where it is up high and just work on the bees on a ladder each time. We all know how clumsy I am, so that’s a chance I am not willing to take.

The Bee Was Rambo
Moving Bees A Short Distance Is Killing Me

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