bee with meYesterday Rachael and I did a hive inspection, and I can’t say that it went all that well. The hive is just fine. There are tons of bees and lots of honey. We were even able to steal a few chunks of honey filled comb from them. I’m not quite sure why, but for some reason our sweet little bees were not too happy with us going in and Rachael got the brunt of their anger….4 times! I felt so bad for her. Every time she got stung I scratch the stinger out and put frankincense on it to cover the bees scent to attack her more, but I am not sure the other three bees that stung her were getting the message. The honey we stole made up for it a little bit, but that’s coming from the person who didn’t get stung. My day will come I know.

Bee It Three To Make Me Happy
Ohhh The Relief...

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