I am currently in a bit of a sticky situation. The swarm that moved into my bee box has started building comb on the lid of box. If I ever want to get honey from these bees I need to remove the lid, add the next super (box) and put the lid back on top. This means I have to pull the lid off, cut the comb off the lid, secure it to a frame and slide the frame back in the lower super. I would be cutting through baby bees, pissing off nurse bees, and just in general it sounds like a hot mess. I have never done this before and I will be honest…I am hecka nervous. HECKA!!! Did I mention I would be doing this while up on a ladder? Yaaa.. let’s just make it ten levels of exciting. I can’t do any of this until the weather is just right, so for now I am waiting for the sun to be out and the wind to be down. I am not sure if my biggest worry is getting stung or pissing off the hive so much they leave. If I had a choice I would rather get stung. Although the fact that I have never been stung and have no clue if I am allergic, just adds another 5 levels of excitement. Yay.

Can We Talk About My Bee Swarm?
The Swarm Built Comb On The Lid Part 2

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