I think my dreams of having a swarm of bees move into my bee boxes is not going to happen this year. I keep hearing about everyone else getting one without even trying. All the bee friendly planting I did just wasn’t enough. WAAAA!! I can’t complain too much though, the purple bee box is covering a hole in the fence, so now I can’t see into my neighbors kitchen. The other box is just cute as all heck, so the boxes are still sweet garden decorations. It’s funny how I have been so obsessed with catching a swarm of my own, I have almost completely ignored the two colonies that my partner in crime and I bought a few months ago. I ask about them and she tells me how they are doing fine, but I haven’t been by to visit them in a while. I don’t think they miss me, so no worries there. Their feelings aren’t hurt. We have to do a hive inspection soon now that the weather is getting nice, but other than that it’s good to just let them do their work in peace. It was very rainy and cold last week, and this week looks like it will be warm, so there is still hope for a swarm. Fingers crossed.

Time To Save The Planet
Just When I Was About To Give Up On A Swarm

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