I have zero patience. Hubby put my beebox/ baitbox up nice and high in the yard, I added a little lemongrass oil to the entrance and on the lid to attract the bees, and I stood back to watch the bees move in. Five minutes later there are still no bees. WHAT?? The box is beautiful! It’s purple with cute little bees on the side! Why have they not moved in yet? Well, let’s see. The weather just turned nice enough for the bees to even think about swarming. They are probably just now stretching there little bee legs and wings out and having their first cup of coffee. This knowledge still doesn’t stop me from checking on the box twenty times a day. No, I don’t have time to do that…. but I do anyway. I should just relax. I have done all I can do. I planted bee and humming bird loving plants, there are two water sources, and they have a pretty little box to move into. I can do no more. Except maybe check again…

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