The sun isn’t even fully up yet and I learned an important life lesson. Don’t mess with your bees first thing in the morning. I really hated this lesson. In what turned out to be a 10 minute ordeal, the lesson I learned, “Don’t mess with your bees first thing in the morning”, I learned in the first 5 seconds of the 10 minute ordeal. WHOA!! They were mad. I was just trying to replace their entrance piece with one that would accommodate a feeder. As soon as I took the original entrance piece out, they poured out like hot, mad, lava! They went straight for my face. I didn’t need to speak buzzy buzzy to understand that they were cursing me out. I was half expecting the queen to come out with a baseball bat, and let me have it. My stress level went way up because I was spending so much time trying to get the feeder to fit and it just wasn’t going into place. I was getting mad, and the bees knew it. The madder I got the more agitated they got. They were already pretty pissed off, so it was an all around bad situation. After all was said and done the feeder didn’t fit and I ended up just putting the original entrance back. GRRRRRR. On to plan B.

(If you are wondering why I didn’t put a picture of the angry bees in this post and just have a picture of a happy bee. Well…they were angry…I didn’t think to take a picture. Plus, I really don’t want anyone to see me making a fool of myself.

It Will Bee Time Soon
Do You Know Both Of Me?

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