14276199_1923290721231656_2115376027_nI am sad to report that there was no robbery. I was really hoping for one, but alas it was not meant to be. Rachael and I went into both boxes to see how our colonies were doing and if they had enough food for the winter. I was also really hoping to rob a bit of honey for myself, and maybe one other lucky individual. Sadly though, once we opened it up we learned that the top box on the first hive had very little honey and after I lifted it I realized just how little they had. It was heavy enough to hurt my back (OUCH!), but not enough to get them through the winter without feeding them. The second box with our newer colony was even lighter. Thank golly, because by that time my back was shot, but I didn’t want Rachael to know I hurt myself. I have an ego to protect.

Their lack of honey did not come as a surprise, but I was still optimistic. A gentleman who sells honey at the farmers market wasn’t surprised at all either, so that gave us a bit of comfort that we didn’t do anything wrong. With the way Rachael babies those bees I didn’t think we did. I do have to keep an eye on her this winter though. I have a sneaking suspicion she is searching for a way to make tiny little scarves and sweaters for each of our buzzy babies. For now she is settling for feeding them every day a mixture of sugar and water. They are thirsty little buggers and their feeding box is empty each night she visits.

I feel bad that I am not there to care for them like she is, or I just might be a bit envious. I certainly won’t be this winter when she has to go out there and feed them in the pouring rain or when the temperature is cold enough to freeze your tushy off. Let’s be honest. That wont be a pleasant chore, but I will lie to her and say I feel bad. Then I will giggle a bit to myself and be grateful I am not the one doing it.

The next thing on our agenda will be to reduce the hives from two supers / boxes to one level for each of the colonies and consolidate the frames. This should be interesting as this will be the first time we will be doing this. The year has been full of firsts and I am looking forward to some of it being routine. There is a comfort in routine. Don’t get me wrong, I love the excitement and joy this whole experience has given us, but boring is nice to.


Learning To Fly
A Winter Bee

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